Netizens Are Furious Over This Kovalam Resort For Its “Only Foreigners Allowed In Pool” Policy

by Shreya Ghosh
Netizens Are Furious Over This Kovalam Resort For Its “Only Foreigners Allowed In Pool” Policy

It is 2022 and it feels so disheartening to see that people still discriminate and find petty differences among people. Recently, something very similar was seen in a Kovalam resort and the incident went pretty viral on social media. The popular resort in Kovalam had a restricted time period when only foreigners could access the swimming pool. Everyone did not take it as simple and this stirred up controversies and debate.

This Kovalam Resort Followed The “Only Foreigners Allowed In Pool” Policy

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People are not pleased seeing a resort granting limited and special access to only foreigners. A guest staying at the resort was very stunned to see the hotel staff providing him a notice that states that only foreign guests can enter the main swimming pool from 3 pm to 6 pm. In fact, the Kovalam resort features another swimming pool but that pool did not have any such limitations or special access for any guests.

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The guest had a conversation with the resort management regarding the special access and in response, the Kovalam resort said that it was just a precautionary measure against COVID-19.

The Hotel Authorities Took Down The Policy After Heated Debates

There were several arguments for this policy and most stakeholders in the industry did not think it was right. Some even thought it was a discriminatory move to do such things. The tour operator of the man who booked rooms in the Kovalam resort during Christmas said how can COVID-19 restrictions can only be based on someone’s nationality. These rules need to be maintained by all.

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Lastly, the resort authorities took down notice of foreign guests accessing the pool at a certain point in time. Also, they apologised to the guests for such a policy.

According to a report by TNIE, a resort management representative shared that the policy was actually a technical error. The restrictions were only for those guests who had ayurveda treatment in the Kovalam resort. The hotel authorities did this to maintain hygiene. Also, the government will be investigating the incident.

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