Netizens Slam Woman For Washing Christmas Tree & Using It. But What’s Wrong With That?

Woman shares video of washing Christmas tree in the bathtub but receives criticism from Netizens.

by Shreya Rathod
Netizens Slam Woman For Washing Christmas Tree & Using It. But What’s Wrong With That?

With Christmas coming, it is time to decorate your Christmas trees. Now, the tradition states that we should get a new tree. But most people prefer using an artificial one as it is reusable. A TikTok user shared her routine of washing the Christmas tree but received negative feedback from Netizens.

Woman Shares Video Of Washing Christmas Trees

A woman’s unpopular opinion about the X-mas tree was expressed in a video that went viral on TikTok, just as others were likely preparing for the festival festivities. She said this, causing other users on the network to respond. Then, she made note of the fact that she uses a bathtub to wash the artificial tree. She immediately responded that those who didn’t agree with her advised her to get help for her actions.

The woman, identified by her social media as Rhema, wrote, “Clean my Christmas tree with me,” as the title for her TikTok video. It was then shared by an X (formerly known as Twitter) user, ‘LJ’. In the video, she was shown setting the tree in the bathtub, giving it a spritz of soapy water, and then washing it. Rhema dismantled it so it would appear clean and new.

Though washing an artificial Christmas tree and reusing it is not a bad thing, people reacted with a big “no-no”. In fact, several people criticised her for washing the tree in the bathtub!

The user who shared this video on X (formerly, Twitter) wrote the caption that she thinks people clean just to make others feel dirty.

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A Big “No-No” From Netizens!

A user commented that she hates those who take part in the online clean Olympics.

Another user wrote that if it was him doing this crazy thing, he would take it to the car wash instead of making a mess in the bathroom.

However, a user supports the lady and states that she is not wrong in doing this. Further, the user shared her experience and wrote that even though her Christmas tree is kept in an airtight cardboard box, but bugs and dirt can get inside.

A user wrote that the advantages of putting up with dirt eventually outweigh the benefits of cleaning. And she can’t imagine doing something like this.

According to a user, you do this when you’re bored and have nothing better to do.

However, a user asked if there is another video which shows how to clean real trees as he can’t get his tree in the tub.

A user agreed with the lady and stated that if you leave a repurposed boxed tree up for a whole month, it becomes somewhat dusty.

Another user supported her by stating that it makes sense, particularly if you’ve had the tree for a long period.

Personally, I don’t feel it is wrong to reuse the same tree and not buy a new one as it reduces waste generation. Also, there is nothing wrong in cleaning it in the tub, as long as the tub is cleaned too.

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Cover Image Courtesy: LJ/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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