New Tinder-Like Travel App Helps Like-Minded Travellers Discover New Places

by Shreya Ghosh
New Tinder-Like Travel App Helps Like-Minded Travellers Discover New Places

We all are very familiar with dating apps such as Tinder. Even if some of us don’t use it, we know how it works and functions. And now you can get the same experiences in the travel industry. Intrigued to know how? Well, a new travel app launched in the market is ‘OfftheGrid’ and it is quite similar to the Tinder app. It is surely a very interesting concept in this sector as all the like-minded travellers can come together and plan vacations.

A New Tinder-Like Travel App Helps Like-Minded Travellers Travel Together!

On the OfftheGrid platform, users can upload photos, videos, and snippets from their holidays. In fact, they can write about their travel plans for the future. Just like dating apps, users can see people from all around the world and vote on their posted content. Using the ‘Discover’ feature of this travel app, users can swipe right or left and vote on pictures. This is a great platform to interact with globetrotters, meet, and arrange vacations to discover new destinations.

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New Travel App

The Reason To Launch OfftheGrid:

Ethan Serbantes founded this one-of-a-kind travel app. The motto behind this startup is launching a social platform where people who live and love to explore the world can come together, create connections, and join in various adventures and experiences. The 25-year-old founder noticed something on social media that helped him to launch OfftheGrid. He shared that when someone uploads a travel picture on Instagram, we can see the location tagged on it. But we do not get proper information about the place or if anyone is interested to visit there. Ethan’s own experiences of exploring the world also helped him in creating something so unique.

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He shared that it is a bit difficult for a solo traveller to explore new destinations and meet new people. No one really wants to be alone in a new place and this is the reason for fear and nervousness, especially for those who are travelling solo for the first time. To solve all these problems existing in the travel industry, Ethan and his team created and launched this travel app to ‘address the fragmented travel planning process and solo travel problems’, as shared with TechCrunch.

Well, what do you say about this Travel App? Swipe right or left?