New To Dubai? Here’s How To Convert Your Driving License Into A UAE License

by Deeplata Garde
New To Dubai? Here’s How To Convert Your Driving License Into A UAE License

Obtaining a UAE driving license is a hectic and expensive process. But if you are a new resident who owns a driving license from your homeland, then you can skip this step. RTA announces a new initiative that allows the new UAE residents to convert its driver’s license into UAE license. You won’t have to worry about going through multiple tests to achieve the license.

Eligibility Criteria To Convert Driving License Into UAE License

Mentioned below are the countries that are eligible to convert their driving license into UAE license.


List Of Countries Approved By RTA
GCC Countries
The United States of America
Hong Kong
The Republic of Montenegro
South Korea
South Africa
People’s Republic of China
New Zealand


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There are more countries approved by RTA. They are Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Serbia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Estonia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Malta, Albania, Romania, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Spain, Holland, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, France, Britain, Norway.

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Who Can Drive in the United Arab Emirates?

Customers, residents and citizens who are older than the legal age and in good health are entitled to apply for a new driver’s licence and for a driving instruction permit. Depending on the vehicle for which you are applying for a licence, there may be a minimum age restriction. The required minimum age is as follows:

  1. Motorcycles and special needs vehicles must be 17 years old.
  2. 18 years for automobiles and light trucks
  3. 20 years for tractors and large vehicles
  4. buses for 21 years.

Soon, a British driving licence can be swapped for a UAE one. Who knows how? So, drivers in the UAE who pass their driving test can now swap it for a British licence.

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