New US Consulate In Hyderabad Will Process Over 3000 Visa Applications Every Day

by Shreya Ghosh
New US Consulate In Hyderabad Will Process Over 3000 Visa Applications Every Day

Many of us have experienced a massive waiting time for our visas ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. People who need to travel to the United States need to go through a long process and wait before getting their visas on hand. The good news is that the long period of wait is coming to an end as the US Consulate is getting some new changes. Soon, they will be able to process way more visa applications, making the steps faster.

US Consul General In Hyderabad Shared Deets About New Changes

Jennifer Larson, the US Consul General in Hyderabad took to her Twitter account @USCGHyderabad to share the news of ending their lease of the Paigah Palace. They worked here in Begumpet since 2007 and now it is time to shift to an all-new place. The US Consulate is shifting to Nanakramguda.

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Shifting to a new campus in Nanakramguda will be of major help to everyone. The US Consulate will have a bigger space to operate and reduce the time taken for the entire process. It is expected that the time for waiting for visa appointments will soon come to an end as well. Consul General in Hyderabad Jennifer Larson shared that the US Consulate in the new office will be able to process more than 3000 visa applications each and every day, according to a report by Indian Express. It can go up to processing about 3500 applications.

The new location of the Consulate has 54 consular windows, helping to process more applications. With 54 consular windows and massive staff support, the new office at Nanakramguda is all set to be the biggest US Consulate in entire South Asia.

More Details About The Changes Impacting The Wait For Visa Applications:

  • Jennifer Larson talked about how they are working and initiating steps to reduce the long waiting time for appointments.
  • Previously, people had to wait for around 1000 days for getting an interview slot. Now it has been reduced to almost 6 months.
  • There are plans to begin special Visa Surge days. These days will focus on providing more slots for appointments to people planning to travel to the United States.

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Are you excited to see all the changes?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Jennifer Larson (@USCGHyderabad)