New York Has A New Weed Museum And The Inside Looks Way Too Trippy!

by Shreya Ghosh
New York Has A New Weed Museum And The Inside Looks Way Too Trippy!

Museums are certainly one of the best places to get to know about something specific in detail. This brand new museum soon to be opened in New York City is different from every other museum. Named “The House Of Cannabis” (THC NYC), this is the newest weed museum in NYC and visiting here is surely a trip-like experience. This weed museum is unlike most of the museums you have experienced before. This museum has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Say Hello To The House Of Cannabis!


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The doors to this new weed museum in New York are opening on 7 April. Get ready to witness many mind-altering experiences here. The House of Cannabis will take you on a transportive journey with many art pieces, cultivation, rich history of cannabis culture, fashion, music, and a lot more visual experiences. For the very first time, NYC is becoming the home of such a unique museum that gives glimpses and snippets of this aspect on such a diverse and huge scale.

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Spread over 25,000 sq ft, this weed museum is a 4-story building. According to TimeOut, Marcelle Frey and Robert Frey are the co-founders of this museum.

Here’s What This Weed Museum Has To Offer:

A Twitter user named Gia Vm took to her Twitter handle @Gia_Vm to share some more sneak peeks of The House of Museum.

The floors of the building have been decked up with 10 mind-bending and multi-sensory experiences that take visitors to a different world altogether with the help of art, fashion, music, and more such engaging splendour. The weed museum is home to so many distinct rooms that have been built to offer significant experiences. Here are some of the many things that you can see and explore here.

  • Disorientation Room
  • Seed to Soul
  • The Euphorium
  • The Forum
  • The Grow
  • The Hypnodrome
  • The Joint
  • The Microverse
  • The Olfactory
  • The Spot

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The spot comes with lots of entertainment options and a cafe, and you can even shop for clothing here.

No matter if you smoke or do not, this weed museum offers the best of interesting experiences to everyone.

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