New Yorkers Woke Up To Orange Sky Due To Canada Wildfire. Check Out Pics & Videos From the City

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
New Yorkers Woke Up To Orange Sky Due To Canada Wildfire. Check Out Pics & Videos From the City

You must have read the news about the wildfires in Quebec. For all the people who are unaware, there are still over 100 wildfires burning. This year’s wildfires in Canada have touched around 9 million acres of land, with nearly 500,000 of those burning in Quebec. The effects of this wildfire reached New York as the city woke up to an orange sky. Pictures and videos of the same surfaced on the internet. 

Canada Wildfire: New Yorkers Woke Up To Orange Sky

As smoke covered the city on Wednesday, New York took on an unsettling orange hue. The haze from wildfires burning in Quebec, some 500 miles away, blew in and wreaked havoc on the Northeast US’s air quality.

The NYC Health Department has encouraged New Yorkers, especially those who are vulnerable, to stay home if possible and use masks if outside.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the haze placed New York City alongside Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jakarta, Indonesia, and New Delhi, India, among the top five cities in the world for air pollution. 

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High Concentration Of Particles

Officials from New York State have issued a health advisory for the state’s several regions, including Long Island, the New York City metro area, and Central New York. 

Officials determined that the fine, specific matter of PM2.5 was part of dangerous pollution.

PM2.5 can be made up of a wide variety of particles. It frequently results from atmospheric chemical and combustion processes like the burning of fuels, vehicle exhaust, and grass and forest fires.

 The high concentrations of tiny particles in the air have been blamed for respiratory difficulties, according to health officials from Vermont to South Carolina and as far west as Ohio and Kansas.

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