New Zealand Starts ‘Recovery Visa’ Owing To Workforce Shortage In The Wake Of Flood & Cyclone

recovery visa
by Tooba Shaikh

Earlier this month, a devastating cyclone hit the island country of New Zealand. The cyclone was named ‘Gabrielle’ and it affected a lot of people within the country. Cyclone Gabrielle came shortly after the massive floods in the northern islands and Auckland regions of New Zealand. These two calamities, one after the other caused significant damage to the country. New Zealand has therefore started a ‘recovery visa’ which is aimed to attract workers.

The New Recovery Visa By New Zealand

The New Zealand government is starting a new ‘recovery visa’ that is aimed specifically towards skilled workers. As of now, there is a shortage of workforce in the country as it is grappling with the aftermath of the cyclone and floods. The applications of people applying for this visa are prioritised and, if accepted, their application fee is waived and refunded to them.

The country is in need of skilled workforces like utilities and infrastructure engineers, insurance accessors, heavy machinery operators, and debris removal workers. Such skilled workers can help the country in its efforts to recover and clear the cyclone and flood-hit regions. This visa is said to last for six months.

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Workforce Shortage In New Zealand

recovery visa

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Since there is a shortage of such workers in the country, New Zealand will prioritise the applications of people applying for the recovery visa facility. The process of these applications will be done on priority with an aim of finishing the procedure within a week of receiving the application.

In the past too, New Zealand has employed similar visa routes when it was grappling with earthquakes that hit the regions of Kaikoura and Christchurch. Back in 2016, the region of Kaikoura was struck by a huge earthquake measuring a whopping 7.8 magnitudes on the Richter scale.

Before that, in 2011, the Christchurch region in New Zealand. This measured 6.2 magnitudes on the Richter scale. Both times, New Zealand employed similar visa routes to attract workers for the recovery of affected areas.

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