No Crew Cut For Male, No Top Knots Or Low Buns Or Pearl Earrings For Female, Cover Your Greys: Air India Allegedly Issued These Grooming Guidelines For Cabin Crew

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by Shreya Ghosh
by Shreya Ghosh 48

Air India recently introduced a list of grooming guidelines for the cabin crew members and all these new rules turn out to be quite massive for the attendants. The latest grooming guidelines list consists of rules and protocols for both men and women cabin attendants. From a clean shaved look for men’s crew to wearing specific earrings for women’s crew, the Air India airline has come up with lots of such guidelines.

Air India Allegedly Issued Many Grooming Guidelines For Cabin Crew

Air India

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This new set of guidelines follows the smallest and most minute aspects of the cabin attendants. This exhaustive list of rules focuses majorly on a uniform and the perfect way to get ready to fly and look the most presentable while working. Read about all the rules here:

Grooming Guidelines For Men Cabin Crew:

  • There are many men in the cabin crew with a receding hairline and some even have balding patches. These attendants, need to completely shave their hair and opt for a bald look.
  • Also, shaving the head regularly is compulsory.

Grooming Guidelines For Women Cabin Crew:

  • The women cabin crew can only wear round-shaped earrings made of gold or diamond. Also, there should be no designs on the earrings.
  • For rings, they can wear just one ring on each hand and the rings should be within 1cm in width.
  • They are allowed to wear bindi with a size of a maximum of 0.5 cm.
  • Hairstyle is a significant part of cabin attendants and they need to tie their hair using just 4 bobby pins, that too black coloured pins. They also have to follow the specific hair shade card.
  • For the makeup, they need to follow the provided shade cards of eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish.
  • Lastly, let’s discuss the uniform guidelines. Every cabin crew must wear sheer stockings of calf length according to their skin tone.
  • No matter if one is wearing an indo-western uniform or saree, stockings are a mandate for them.

Air India Grooming Guidelines For Both Men & Women Cabin Crew:

  • The cabin crew with grey hair needs to colour their hair and follow the natural shade.
  • No one can dye their hair in any other colours.
  • It is not allowed for anyone to wear any religious threads or any other threads on the ankle, wrist, and neck.

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The grooming guidelines enforced by Air India focus on the finest details this time and are exhaustive too.

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