No Flight Operations For 2 Hours On These 7 Days At Delhi Airport For Republic Day Security!

Republic Day is a dry day, it’s a chutti day and it’s also no airplane day. That’s right, the Airports Authority of India has directed the Delhi International Airport to take some time off. No flight operations will take place between 10:35 AM and 12:15 PM on January 18, 20-24 and 26.

What is it

Landing or take off is not to be permitted for about two hours on seven days of this month owing to Republic Day celebrations. Flight operations of all airlines will likely be impacted by the closure of airspace in the country’s busiest airport. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) issued a notice to airmen (NOTAM) saying flight operations shall not be permitted nor nearly two hours for select days. Apart from 26th January, 18th and 20th-24th will all witness closure of airspace from 10:35 AM to 12:15 PM.

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What’s more

Security measures are peaking in Delhi as they do every year at this time of the year. Commissioner of Police Amulya Patnaik was reported to say that he is focused on anti-terror measures ahead of Republic Day and the upcoming Assembly elections in Delhi. Livemint reported, “tenant verification, checking of hotels and guest houses, and security arrangement for market areas was underlined.” Proper security of religious spots and places of commerce are also a top priority. With all this effort, Delhi better go out and make the most of Republic Day celebrations and more so the elections. So, go out and vote because leaving the city for a vacation is not going to be the most convenient.

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We’re all set to go all out this Republic Day, starting with watching the parade and spending all day with family. We’re even more excited to vote on February 8th. Clearly, security is not going to be an issue. We hope traveling isn’t either. We never thought we’d be discouraging people from leaving the city but, safety first!

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Vidisha Khaitan
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