Now, Get Food Delivered At Your Boarding Gate At Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3

by Kanika Sharma
Now, Get Food Delivered At Your Boarding Gate At Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3

The Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) has launched a food delivery service called ‘food genie’ that allows passengers to get food at boarding gates. The service has been launched at Delhi’s International Airport, Terminal 3 and allows people to order to order food from kiosks which is then delivered to them.

Picture Credit: Aviation Scoop

What’s More?

While travelling, a lot of passengers do not opt for inflight meals. In fact, many like to dine at the airport and grab some food on the go. Sometimes, passengers either end up skipping their meals if they are in a hurry or miss their flights while catering to their hunger pangs. So, in order to make to make sure that meals aren’t missed, passengers will be able to self-order food from these kiosks.

Picture Credit: YouTube

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Post that, passengers can either have the food delivered at the boarding gate or go to the nearest point to pick it up.

How Will The Food Be Delivered?

According to a recent report, ‘the food will be delivered by personnel who would be using the facility of electric scooters available at the airport.’ It would take about 20 minutes, which is approximately the same time that one would take to reach from the check-in counter to the gate on a day when there is not much rush.

Picture Credit: Trip Savvy

Once the food is delivered to them at the boarding gate, the passengers can either enjoy the meal while waiting for their flight or take it with them on the plane.

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This initiative might also help in avoiding the over-crowded queues at the food court. Currently, it is only available at Terminal 3 in Delhi. So, the next time you are running against time, this will make sure that you don’t end up missing your meal.