5 No-Fuss Desi Breakfast Recipes You Can Make In A Jiffy

by Vinita Jain
5 No-Fuss Desi Breakfast Recipes You Can Make In A Jiffy

Getting up early in the morning from that warm and cozy bed can be a pain sometimes. And then determining the breakfast menus looks like a task. In such scenarios what we prefer is having quick meals just like oats, bread butter, cornflakes, fruits, and eggs. But it is undeniable that it gets boring after a while. We somedays skip our breakfasts too. Well, that’s not right either. Breakfast is the meal that helps in recharging your body. So, we got you some quick, healthy, and, luscious breakfast  recipes.

 1. Upma

Upma is one of the most common South Indian breakfast options. Just stir fry some basic veggies with green chilies, onions, and curry tea leaves, with a pinch of salt. You can add more veggies of your choice to make it healthier. After stir frying the veggies put rava along with hot water and bring it to a nice boil. Your upma will be ready in just 5-6 minutes.

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2. Besan Ka Chilla

It is basically a savory Indian pancake. Besan ka chilla can be prepared in a jiffy. Just make the batter of gram flour, with some raw spices and water. Let the batter rest for a while. And then make round-shaped pancakes on Tawa. To know the proper consistency and spices of the batter check out this recipe.

3. Masala French Toast Recipe

On a stressful and hectic morning, you can opt for this 10-minute recipe of Masala French Toast. Masala French toast sandwich is made from eggs and vegetables and is also a healthy yet filling breakfast option.

 4. Oats Dosa

Apart from regular oatmeal, or overnight soaked oats, consider having a slightly different healthy and quick breakfast option. Mix some onions, green chilies, and curd in oats, and add basic raw spices to add flavor to the Dosa batter. And just like other dosas spread the batter on a Tawa. In no time these instant oats dosas will be ready.

5. Bombay Sandwich

This recipe needs a little overnight prep. Boil some potatoes one night before only so that the next day you just need to place the veggies in between the sandwich and grill it. Don’t miss out on the generous amount of butter.

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