No More Insta-Worthy Pics Of Mount Fuji! Residents Of Japanese Town Put Up Screen To Curb Overtourism

The Japanese town, Fujikawaguchiko, serves as a base for climbing the active volcano along the Yoshida Trail.

by Sanjana Shenoy
No More Insta-Worthy Pics Of Mount Fuji! Residents Of Japanese Town Put Up Screen To Curb Overtourism

Travelling to Japan? Well, this time, forget about clicking Insta-worthy pics of Mount Fuji. That’s because residents of Fujikawaguchiko—a town known for its stunning views of Mount Fuji— have put up a screen blocking the view of the active volcano for tourists. Read on to know why this has happened.

Residents Of Fujikawaguchiko Put Up Black Screen Blocking Mount Fuji Views

For long, trekkers and tourists have visited Fujikawaguchiko, a resort town nestled on the foothills of Mount Fuji, to savour picturesque views and click Insta-worthy pictures of the volcano. But not anymore! The residents of this town have put up a large black screen on the popular sidewalk spot of the town, blocking the views of the mountain for tourists. Fed up with tourists crowding in front of their properties and chatting noisily on the narrow lanes of the peaceful neighbourhood, the residents were left with no option but to take this harsh step.

Fujikawaguchiko serves as a base for climbing the popular volcano along the Yoshida Trail. A pilgrimage site for centuries, Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s three sacred mountains and the country’s tallest peak. Tourists visit the resort town in large numbers as it serves as the base camp. They trek along the Yoshida Trail and soak in stunning views of Fuji Five Lakes, an area known for its hot springs and golf courses.

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Locals Of This Japanese Store Tired Of Overtourism Issues

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Last month, the town started erecting a large black screen on a stretch of the popular narrow street to prevent overtourism. A popular photo location is located outside a Lawson convenience store. A photo taken from a particular angle makes it appear like Mount Fuji is sitting atop the store roof. Many locals and tourists dubbed this spot “Mt. Fuji Lawson.”

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The black screen is 8.2 feet high and stretches for 66 feet along the sidewalk. The townspeople were unhappy with visitors blocking the narrow street for photo ops. While tourists will no longer be able to click gorgeous pictures from outside the Lawson convenience store, there are many other sweet photo spots in store for them.

Well, are you planning a trip to Japan? If yes, is Mount Fuji on your wishlist?

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