Philippines To Open For International Passengers With These Restrictions

by Deeplata Garde
Philippines To Open For International Passengers With These Restrictions

If travelling to Philippines was your distant dream, now is the time to plan a trip. The borders of this tropical beauty are about to open. The country shut its borders for about a span of 2yrs. The nation is now reopening for tourists by cancelling its quarantine restrictions. The date to reopen is 10th February 2022. But you need to be fully vaccinated before entering this paradise.

Which Countries Are Eligible To Enter the Philippines?

The Philippines will now allow 150 destinations to enjoy the tropical paradise. The list of these places includes European countries, the UK, the UAE, the US, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa and Ireland. Individuals can elongate their stay for 30 days without a visa.

Required Documents For Travelling To Philippines

The best part to travel to the Philippines is not requiring quarantine post-arrival. Everyone entering the country just need a negative PCR test and a full vaccination certificate. The PCR test should be 48 hrs prior to departure. Individuals should possess passports that have 6 months validity. Passengers must have roundtrip or departing tickets to their respective destinations.

Non-Vaccinated Tourists Prohibited To Visit Philippines

Only a negative PCR test result and 5 days facility isolation post-arrival can save you only if you prove yourself unvaccinated. You need to acquire a negative report for further 14 day home quarantine. The reopening of this country was to be December 1 2021. But Omicron didn’t let the plan go as prepared.

Tourism Relied Country Heavily Distorted Due To Travel Ban

It is famous for its beautiful vistas, breath-taking marine life and golden beaches, The Philippines tourism took a serious hit during Covid times. The directly proportional economy also suffered due to this lockdown propaganda.

The tourism of Philipines saw a drop of 83% which summed up to 1.4 million visits last year.