No Movement Permit Required For Residents In Abu Dhabi

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
No Movement Permit Required For Residents In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Media Office clarified that residents do not require a prerequisite permit to step out of home. It also added that residents are advised to stay at home when the sterilization programme is on. However, residents are permitted to step out for essentials errands like supermarket, grocery or pharmacy without obtaining a permit.

The sterilization program in the capital is scheduled from 8am to 6pm in residential areas and 6pm to 6am in industrial zones and workers accommodations. Residents who step out of home during the restricted period will face a fine of AED 2,000. However, medical emergencies, and those working in vital sectors are exempted from the restriction.

What Else?

Meanwhile, Dubai has strict rules in place with regard to the residents’ movement. The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management yesterday announced that all Dubai residents must obtain permit to step out. The move comes after Dubai extended the National Disinfection Programme to 24 hours for the next two weeks. Residents can obtain permit from the online portal, by giving your ID details and the reason for your leaving home.

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Reasons for stepping outside home can include:

  1. Buying essentials
  2. Medical emergency
  3. Shifts
  4. Medical worker
  5. Grocery or pharmacies
  6. Telecommunications sector or social care workers

Residents will also have to mention the car number plate (if applicable), the start point, the destination point, and the date and time you will be outside. Radar cameras set on the roads will track people who do not obtain permit before leaving their homes.

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Furthermore, the Supreme Committee of Crisis & Disaster Management in Dubai added that vital sectors, exempted from the new rule must also apply for the permit. In addition, workers who apply for a permit must also provide proof from the company. So, it is advised that you keep your shopping bills safe. Supermarket, restaurant, and food delivery will function normally, and the UAE government recommends you use these services, instead of applying for a permit.

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