“No Seriousness Towards Future” Dubai Entrepreneur’s Suggestion For Indian Students Sparks Debate

Shreya Patter, Dubai entrepreneur has suggetions for Indian students moving abroad to which some agree and other don't.

by Shreya Rathod
“No Seriousness Towards Future” Dubai Entrepreneur’s Suggestion For Indian Students Sparks Debate

Going to a foreign university is like stepping into another universe. We yearn for a familiar face to have a sense of familiarity. However, many might disagree and feel like it will just make them slack more rather than thrive. Dubai entrepreneur, Shreya Pattar shared her opinion on this topic and has suggestions for Indian students; while several people agreed with her, others did not so much.

Dubai Entrepreneur, Shreya Pattar Suggests Finding Universities With Fewer Indian Students

Dubai influencer and entrepreneur, Shreya Pattar shared her opinion about finding universities for Indian students. According to her X (formerly, Twitter) post, her first suggestion was to check how many Indian students are there in the university. If there are too many Indian students, you should keep the university at the bottom of your list. But what is the reason for this?

Well, according to her, a big Indian community comes with certain toxic patterns. Some of them are no good role models, “group-ism”, lack of professionalism and too much drama. Apart from this, she suggested staying away from the mindset and attitude while you are away from the country. 

Here’s What Netizens Have To Say

After the post was online, there were different views and opinions about the influencer’s theory. A user agreed with her view and shared his experience of working in a hospital in Australia. He stated that Indians were the ones with toxic and envious attitudes towards other Indians.

Another user also agreed and retorted that what is the point in moving abroad if you want to stay with your people. However, a few disagreed; a user stated a community of Indian students can provide support and familiarity in a new country. And it is about finding the right balance between comfort and exposure. 

After knowing that her tweet had gone viral, Shreya Pattar even reacted to the news by stating that there was no debate and almost everyone agreed with her view. She was also surprised that summarising tweets has become a news piece. To summarise, there are different opinions and views of everyone and some might agree with them while some might not. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Shreya Pattar/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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