Noida International Airport To Begin Commercial Operations In 2025; Concessions Awarded

Agreements have been signed with several airlines.

by Nikitha Sebastian
Noida International Airport To Begin Commercial Operations In 2025; Concessions Awarded

Delhi NCR and Western Uttar Pradesh are about to get a major connection to the world. The Noida International Airport races towards completion, conquering key milestones on its path to operation. This vast and intricate project is seeing significant progress, especially with the runway, passenger terminal, and control tower.

Noida International Airport To Begin Operations In 2025

Recent developments include the awarding of concessions for crucial aspects of the airport’s operation, such as ground handling, commercial area management, and maintenance services. Additionally, agreements have been signed with several airlines to establish flight connections from Noida International Airport.

Project officials expressed confidence in launching commercial flights by April 2025, citing the significant progress achieved in construction. They emphasised the importance of the coming weeks as construction continues at a critical pace. The team, partnered with Tata Projects and others, is pushing hard to keep the momentum and finish the Noida International Airport on schedule.

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A World-Class Gateway Awaits

The Noida International Airport (DXN) is taking off as a significant transportation hub, linking these regions to domestic and international destinations. This state-of-the-art facility will seamlessly blend Swiss efficiency with renowned Indian hospitality, offering passengers a comfortable and enriching travel experience. It will also boast a comprehensive range of commercial attractions and services.

It is set to be a pioneer in sustainable airport operations, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions–a remarkable feat that will establish a new benchmark for eco-friendly airport practices. In its initial phase, the airport will feature a single runway and terminal, catering to 12 million passengers annually. The project envisions further development in subsequent construction stages to accommodate increased capacity.

Zurich Airport’s subsidiary, Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL), leads the development and operation of the Noida International Airport. This greenfield project represents a public-private partnership between YIAPL, the Government of Uttar Pradesh, and the Government of India. The concession period for the airport began on October 1, 2021, and extends for 40 years.

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NIA’s cutting-edge construction and sustainability focus positions it to be a key air hub, boosting regional connections and economic growth.

Cover Image Courtesy: NIA/ Website

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