Noida Twin Towers Higher Than Qutub Minar To Be Demolished; 1300 Truckloads Of Debris Expected

by Sanmita A
Noida Twin Towers Higher Than Qutub Minar To Be Demolished; 1300 Truckloads Of Debris Expected

The twin towers in Noida, which are higher than Delhi’s Qutub Minar will be demolished on August 28. The demolition will lead to the accumulation of debris of about 55,000 tonnes, which will require around 1300 trucks to be moved. As per reports by news agency PTI, the demolition which will take place through multiple explosions, will only need 10 seconds to blast. Being a massive structure, the Noida twin towers won’t come down immediately, but will require a few seconds before it comes down totally.

Why Are The Noida Twin Towers Being Demolished?

As per reports, the twin towers are not in terms of various construction norms and has been constructed illegally. Due to this, the Supreme Court had order for the Supertech’s illegal construction to be demolished. NDTV writes that this demolition to be carried out on August 28, will become one of India’s highest ever structures to be brought down. This demolition is being done under complete supervision. And, a whopping 3,700 kg of explosives is being used to carry out the process. Officials informed that the explosives in use include, detonators, emulsions and shock tubes.

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Twin Towers – Apex (32 Storeys) And Ceyane (29 Storeys) To Be Brought Down

Noida twin towers are being brought down by the Edifice Engineering. The partner of this company, Utkarsh Mehta had previously demolished other structures like Telangana’s secretariat and central prison, Kerala’s Maradu, the old stadium in Gujarat and more. The demolition is being handled by officials who’ve handled demolitions previously. Mehta told news agency PTI, ‘ The post demolition debris would be managed scientifically as per rules and guidelines. A final decision on it would come from the regional pollution control board which is examining a report from Edifice Engineering on debris management.’

To avoid the damage of other nearby buildings, geo textile covering has been used to cover them. Additionally, geo textile clothing has been used to prevent the debris from flying to the nearby structures.

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