Noney Bridge: Completion Status, Cost, Height & More About World’s Tallest Bridge In Manipur

The Noney Bridge in Manipur is the world's tallest bridge and is nearing completion. Here are the details you should know about.

by Shreya Rathod
Noney Bridge: Completion Status, Cost, Height & More About World’s Tallest Bridge In Manipur

Imphal, the capital of Manipur, is prepared to establish rail connectivity with the rest of the world. The 141-metre-tall Noney Bridge, regarded as an engineering wonder and the tallest railway pier bridge in the world, is almost finished. An essential and vital element of the 111 km Jiribam – Imphal Railway line project is a challenging railway infrastructure.

Manipur: Noney Bridge Is Nearing Its Completion!

One of the most important connection projects for the northeastern region is the Jiribam – Imphal new line railway project, which is now in an advanced state of construction and almost finished. According to North Frontier Railway, Indian Railways is carrying out several new railway line projects that are substantially transforming the northeastern states, and the Jiribam-Imphal connectivity project is essential to the entire picture.

Under this capital connection project, new railway lines are being built to link all of the state capitals in the northeast. The Noney Bridge, an engineering marvel and the world’s tallest railway pier bridge at 141 metres is a vital component of the 111-kilometre Jiribam-Imphal Railway line project, which aims to connect the capital city of Manipur, or Imphal, with the rest of the country. Construction on this project is currently underway.

The bridge is almost finished; eighty per cent of the construction has been completed, according to the most recent status card. When the bridge is finished, its immense size will serve as a tribute to human intellect and architectural talent. And will signify a dedication to overcoming geographical obstacles in order to guarantee smooth rail connectivity.

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In addition to improving connectivity, the completion of the Jiribam-Imphal Railway line project and the Noney Bridge will likely accelerate economic growth in Manipur and the neighbouring areas.

Will Improve Connectivity & Trade

noney bridge manipur
Credits: Ministry Of Railways/ X

Rail transit is an effective way to move products and people. This lowers prices, improves trade, and stimulates infrastructure and industry investment. It is also probably going to generate new employment possibilities and add to the general prosperity of the area.

It is anticipated to increase trade, tourism, and interpersonal contacts, promoting a sense of inclusivity and unity. The Jiribam – Imphal railway project is being constructed through a series of tunnels, totaling 61.32 km in length. There will be 137 little bridges and 11 big bridges in all for this project.

According to Sabyasachi De, CPRO Northeast Frontier Railway, the project’s completion is probably going to boost the local economy by generating new job chances. The broader strategy is to integrate the Northeastern states with the rest of the nation. And is thought to depend heavily on enhanced connectivity.

Earlier, Nitin Gadkari had announced that the government is constructing a 25-kilometre two-lane roadway. This route would be included in the package, according to a recent statement by the Union Minister. Now being built is a 25 km hard-shouldered, two-lane roadway that will connect Zunheboto with Chakabama.

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According to the government’s disclosures, improving connection in the Northeast is the project’s primary objective.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Railways/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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