Not 5 But 15, But It’s A Start, Mumbaikars! Be Ready For Light Layers As Pleasant Winter Comes Your Way

by Shreya Rathod
Not 5 But 15, But It’s A Start, Mumbaikars! Be Ready For Light Layers As Pleasant Winter Comes Your Way

Mumbai weather is more or less the same every season. It’s been a while since Mumbaikars have experienced real winter. Well, the wait is over as the temperatures have dropped to 15.6 degrees Celsius. The observatory of the Indian Meteorological Department at Santacruz recorded it as the minimum temperature, whereas the maximum was 29.5 Degrees. Here is their forecast for the week about the winter temperature of Mumbai city.

Mumbai Winters Continue With 15.6 Degree Celsius

mumbai winter
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The weather experts at Indian Meteorological Department have suggested that there will be no significant change in the temperature. The wind patterns do not suggest anything different, however, there will be fluctuation in the day and night temperatures. The interior states in Maharashtra will experience this change as well. With this, the city will experience pleasant weather with the temperature change between 16 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius. The Colaba observatory of the Indian Meteorological Department recorded a minimum temperature of 28.8 degrees Celsius during the day and 18.5 degrees Celsius at night.

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The Air Quality Index Is Very Poor

mumbai winter temperature and AQI
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There is a change in the air quality in Mumbai city. The recent Air Quality Index recorded by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecast states that on the night of 31st of December, the AQI was 302 which is considered very poor. However, on Sunday, the Air Quality Index was 186, moderate as per the experts. The air quality will keep changing from poor to moderate but will improve after a while, according to the experts.

Though Mumbai has winter (yes, we can call it real) now, the North Indian province is experiencing a cold wave. The rising temperature has caused severe cold and fog layer. This is an alarming sign for the people as the effects of global warming can be seen. Many schools have extended their winter vacations as they do not want to risk children’s health. The Indian Meteorological Department has given no further information on the changing weather.

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