Not Chicken Or Mutton, This Restaurant In London Is Going Viral For Serving Pigeon Kebab

by Vinita Jain
Not Chicken Or Mutton, This Restaurant In London Is Going Viral For Serving Pigeon Kebab

Fusion and weird foodstuff are the most trending things in the food industry. It is claimed that eating a bat gave birth to COVID-19. Well, eating non-vegetarian is not shocking at all. We eat Chicken, Mutton, Fish, etc. But have you heard somebody eating Pigeon? Well, if you haven’t heard let us introduce you to a restaurant in London going viral on the internet for serving Pigeon Kebabs.

At Native at Browns in Mayfair, the seafood-infused gin martinis are served alongside botanicals from Essex beaches with seasoned seafood starters. Most notably the English Gray Squirrel Ragu and Common Wood Pigeon Kebabs. The co-founder Imogen Davis of Native says “this place which opened in 2021, stays packed every night.” Davis and his wife Ivan run this place. They’ve always focused on foraged ingredients and zero waste, the couple believes sustainability should be more than name-checking words like ‘organic’ on a menu.

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The Pigeon Kebabs

Davis the co-founder of Native on the pigeon kebabs says “What an amazing thing when people come to us and try pigeons, venison, and even squirrels for the first time”. The local’s menu changes daily and includes some old favorites, such as the fish and bread starter, which uses leftover fish from the previous day.

To be really sustainable, Davis believes the menu should be dictated with the aid of using what components are available — consisting of a squirrel. It`s an ethos Davis and his wife learned in their initial careers. Tisdall-Downes commenced sourcing sustainable components whilst he labored at the famed River Cottage in Dorset. And Davis learned the way to preserve an enterprise with coins going with the drift after supporting her father`s falconry enterprise.

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