Not Giving Way To Emergency Vehicles Can Lead To A Fine Of AED 3000

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Not Giving Way To Emergency Vehicles Can Lead To A Fine Of AED 3000

UAE is super strict when it comes to road discipline and we’re, in a way happy about it. The Dubai Police have a set of rules that the residents must absolutely abide by. And now, there is yet another addition to UAE’s traffic laws. Giving way for emergency vehicles is now a law you must follow in the UAE.

What’s It?

Blocking the way of emergency vehicles or convoys, can now leave you with a fine of AED 3000. Earlier, residents were charged a fine of AED 1000 along with six black points . In addition, the UAE police will also impound your car for one whole month.

In order to track the road discipline, vehicles will be equipped with cameras, linked to smart systems. The set up is monitored from the command room and instantly records drivers who don’t give way to emergency vehicles. The new rule will be effective from 1 July.

The ministry added that the initiative was an effort to reduce on-road deaths and also maintain traffic discipline. In addition, a one month campaign is also on the cards in order to urge drivers to understand the importance of giving way to emergency vehicles.

Major-General, Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Head of the Federal Traffic Council said: “Every second matters when it comes to saving lives. It is important drivers give way to emergency vehicles as soon as they hear the siren or see the flashing light.”

Last year, around 358 drivers were fined for not giving way to emergency vehicles. This also means that 358 emergency cases were delayed.

What Else?

Whether you a resident or are planning a trip to the UAE, we highly recommend you know the country’s rules and laws well ahead. From dressing codes to watching what you say on social media and even washing your car, there are a whole lot of rules for residents and tourists.