Not Udaipur, Bangalore Has Most Stunning Lakes That Will Leave You Spellbound

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Not Udaipur, Bangalore Has Most Stunning Lakes That Will Leave You Spellbound

Someone asked me if I knew which is the city of lakes, pat came my answer, Udaipur. It is right, Udaipur is blessed with some beautiful lakes in India. But did you know that before Udaipur, Bangalore was known as the city of lakes? No? Yes, it is true. The city which today is known as the IT capital of India was once known as the city of lakes for it has many stunning lakes you must visit.

Bangalore And Its Stunning Lakes

1. Madiwala Lake


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Madiwala Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Bangalore. According to Legend, this lake was built by Cholas in a day. If you visit this lake in November and December, you will surely sport big birds. Birds like spot-billed Pelicans and Egrets can easily be spotted in the middle of the lake where a small island is visible.

2. Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake or Halasuru Lake is one of the oldest lakes in Bangalore. It is located near MG road in eastern Bangalore. The lake has several picturesque islands that simply enhance its beauty. The lake is said to be built back in 1537 under Kempe Gowde II when he founded the city. You can simply tour the islands on the boat or enjoy a Sunday picnic with family and friends here.

3. Hebbal Lake

This lake is one of the lakes that was created by Kempe Gowde himself. Bangaloreans never miss a chance to enjoy sunsets and sunrises here. It is a seasonal lake that dries up in the summer and fills during the monsoon season. The lake is a treat to the eyes and the favourite spot of photographers. It is also a paradise for bird watchers.

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4. Sankey Tank

Sankey lake or tank was constructed in order to meet freshwater demand in the year 1882. You can enjoy a variety of boat rides here like row boat rides, motorboats and pedal boats. There was a sandalwood depot located right next to the lake and hence it is also known as Gandhadhakotikere. Early morning you will find people coming here for jogging or walking.

5. Lalbagh Lake

Lalbagh lake is located right in the heart of Bangalore city. The lake is located at the southernmost end of the famous Lal Bagh Botanical Garden. The Garden is known for housing some exotic flora and also hosts a globally famous flower show. There is also a watchtower built on a large rock during the rule of Kempe Gowde II.

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Do not miss these beautiful lakes. And let us know, which one’s your fave in the comments section below.

Cover Image Courtesy:  Flickr