Now Enjoy Free & Limitless In-Flight Messaging On International Flights Of By Turkish Airlines!

by Deeplata Garde
Now Enjoy Free & Limitless In-Flight Messaging On International Flights Of By Turkish Airlines!

Turkish Airlines is elevating the idea of premium travel to new heights by providing customers with free and unlimited communications onboard its flights. So if you are travelling with Turkish Airlines on your next time, you can take the benefit of free and limitless in-flight calls. So let’s understand the details of this offering by the national carrier of Turkish Airlines.

Experience Advanced In-Flight Experience With Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines continues to give its passengers an improved in-flight internet experience. They have implemented the most recent advancements in onboard internet technology. We all know how calling is an important aspect and communication has become a crucial aspect of daily life. Hence to simplify and travel experience Turkish Airlines is providing us with the best.

With the slogan “Enjoy Limitless Messaging,” Turkish Airlines, which flies will provide free and limitless messaging features to all travellers on flights abroad where connectivity to the internet is accessible. These services will be made available through programmes like WhatsApp, Messenger, or iMessage, among others.

Turkish Airlines from its inception, has made several significant changes for a smooth travel experience for travellers.

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Miles&Smiles Members Enjoy Complimentary Services


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Even non-members will be able to use this message service after completing the Miles&Smiles registration form accessible either prior to or during the trip. The existing members of Miles&Smiles are already benefitting from the free services.

According to Turkish Airlines CEO, upgraded free internet packages will also be available to Miles&Smiles Classic Plus, Elite, and Elite Plus subscribers.

The national carrier of Turkey will initially roll out this feature on its flights with Turk Telekom. Post the testing period, progressively all aircraft will be enhanced with an internet connection. The main goal of giving its customers benefits above and above what they anticipated at every point in their journey.

Apart from calling, you can enjoy limitless internet connectivity to enjoy Movies and games. This will help you keep yourself entertained and won’t even know when the time flew! So it’s time to book your Turkish flight tickets and get ready to be entertained and connected on calls with your loved ones till you reach your destination.

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