Now, Indians Won’t Require A Visa To Travel To Iran, Along With 32 Other Nations! Details Here

With Iran's visa exemption for 33 countries, including India, Indians can now visit the country without a visa.

by Shreya Rathod
Now, Indians Won’t Require A Visa To Travel To Iran, Along With 32 Other Nations! Details Here

The Iranian government has removed the need for a visa for visitors from 33 countries, including India, to strengthen the country’s travel and tourism industry. Ezzatollah Zarghami, Iran’s minister of cultural heritage, tourism, and handicrafts, stated that the decision was made to increase the number of tourists coming to Iran and draw in more travellers from other nations. Now, Indians can travel to Iran without a visa!

Now, Indians Won’t Need Visa To Travel To Iran

iran visa-free for indians
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According to the minister, the Islamic Republic has demonstrated its willingness to welcome visitors from all over the world and to provide additional amenities so that they can visit their nation and enjoy the benefits.

India was added to similar lists of nations free from requiring a visa earlier this year by Malaysia and Sri Lanka, two countries looking to increase trade and tourism. With the addition of 32 countries, Iran now has 45 countries on its list of visa-exempt countries where nationals are not required to obtain a visa.

The Minister further stated that they believe Iran’s resolve to interact with other nations will be demonstrated by its open-door policy. The goal of the government is to let the outside world inside the nation.

In an indication that both countries are prepared to further their relationship following the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabian visitors no longer need to have a valid visa.

Iran has likewise removed Bahrain’s visa requirements, albeit it hasn’t yet fully restored diplomatic relations with Bahrain. Croatia is the only European nation on the list. The UAE, Lebanon, and Tunisia have also been included. The list was expanded to include Qatar as well as several Islamic, Central Asian, and African countries.

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Iran previously had visa waivers with China, Turkey, Oman, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria.

List Of Countries Which No Longer Require Visa

iran visa-free for indians
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1. India
2. UAE
3. Bahrain
4. Saudi
5. Qatar
6. Kuwait
7. Lebanon
8. Uzbekistan
9. Kyrgyzstan
10. Tajikistan
11. Tunisia
12. Mauritania
13. Tanzania
14. Zimbabwe
15. Mauritius
16. Seychelles
17. Indonesia
18. Brunei
19. Japan
20. Singapore
21. Cambodia
22. Malaysia
23. Vietnam
24. Brazil
25. Peru
26. Cuba
27. Mexico
28. Venezuela
29. Bosnia
30. Herzegovina
31. Serbia
32. Croatia
33. Belarus

Other Countries Where Indians Can Go Visa-Free:

Anwar Ibrahim, the prime minister of Malaysia, had earlier said that Indian and Chinese nationals travelling to Malaysia for a 30-day stay on December 1 would not need a visa. Nonetheless, security checks will be performed before a visa is issued.

Three nations—Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand—announced visa-free access for Indian nationals before Malaysia in an effort to stimulate the travel industry and advance economic growth. 13 million Indian visitors would travel abroad in 2022, according to a recent McKinsey research, making India one of the markets with the greatest rates of growth for outbound tourism.

In an effort to accelerate the nation’s economic recovery, Vietnamese Tourism Minister Nguyen Van Jung has suggested short-term visa concessions for visitors from China and India.

Interestingly, Sri Lanka depends heavily on the travel and tourism industry. The sector is thought to have significantly increased the GDP of the nation.

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