Now Order Yummy Biryanis From ‘Go Biryan’ In Mumbai

by Kritika Kukreja
Now Order Yummy Biryanis From ‘Go Biryan’ In Mumbai

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Don’t feel like cooking for your next get together? Order from Go Biryan in Mumbai! 

What Is It? 

A delivery kitchen located in Lokhandwala, Bandra and Lower Parel, Go Biryan is your perfect companion for an ultimate Biryani feast. If you’re having a get together at your home and don’t want to go through the trouble of preparing large meals, here’s the solution!

Serving king size, queen size and by the kilo portions, Go Biryan has a great selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis.

Food for your next party? SORTED!

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Go Biryan

What’s In It? 

If you would like to try the vegetarian biryanis, you can choose from Paneer Tikka Biryani and Vegetable Afghani Biryani and many more. Among the non-vegetarian, try the Chicken Afghani Tikka Biryani or Bohri Style Lamb Biryani. They have a selection of chicken, mutton, lamb and prawns biryani that you can enjoy in one kilo and five kilo portions as well.

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Go Biryan

What Else?

It is perfect for party orders, but even if you’re ordering for a small family, the taste won’t be compromised. Their Raan is served with gravy and becomes the perfect companion for your biryani. You can get spoiled for choice with their Naans, Mega Rolls and desserts too! 

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Where: Lokhandwala, Bandra and Lower Parel
Lokhandwala: 022 30151647
Bandra: 022 26048844, 022 69948844
Lower Parel: 022 30151827

Approx cost: ₹900 for two people


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