Take A Historic Ride On 117-Yr Old Steam Engine Running Through Kalka-Shimla Heritage Line

by Tonakshi Kalra
Take A Historic Ride On 117-Yr Old Steam Engine Running Through Kalka-Shimla Heritage Line

Steam engines were a heritage beauty that used to run on tracks centuries ago. Though we have many hi-tech trains today that we use to commute in and around the city, but steam engine had its own charm and fortunately, it’s back in the Himalayan foothills of Shimla. Therefore, now we can also take the feel of riding on a 117-year-old steam engine which has just started running on Kalka-Shimla line.

Image credits: Amar Ujala

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What Is It

Steam engines are the main attraction for tourists, particularly foreigners in the state. The Northern Railways has recently introduced a 117-year-old steam engine on the Kalka-Shimla heritage line which is attracting loads of foreign tourists in the region.

The century-old steam engine which was declared as the UNESCO’s world heritage line in 2008, has helped boost tourism in the Himalayan region.

What All It Covers

Image credits: My Simple Sojourn

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The railway is offering the steam engine travel on booking to the tourists on 20 km to 32 km (covering almost 8 miles) on the Kalka-Shimla heritage line. The mountainous route is known for its dramatic views of the hills and surrounding villages which covers 20 picturesque stations along with number of tunnels and bridges.

Centre Of Attraction

The railways kept it running because of its historical importance. Many foreign tourists consider it to be very authentic and thus, don’t miss a chance to ride it. In fact, tourists from several countries specially come to India to have this historic experience which ultimately helps to promote the heritage culture of the country and also boosts the revenue of the Indian railways. So it is helpful to both in equal measure.

This 117-year-old rustic heritage beauty has undoubtedly become the centre of attraction for the international vacationers who are getting all the way more reasons to plan a trip to India and enjoy a ride on this curvy Shimla-Kalka track.