10 Amazing Experiences In India That Make It The Most Unique Travel Destination In The World!

by Kanika Sharma
10 Amazing Experiences In India That Make It The Most Unique Travel Destination In The World!

It came as no surprise when India was listed among the top 20 destinations in the world that are popular among tourists from around the world. While we aspire to tick off things from our bucket list, that include destinations abroad, how many of us have actually explored every corner of our country? If you think, you don’t have enough reasons to plan your next trip within the country itself, we will give you 10! Here is a list of 10 unique experiences in India that will make your next trip better than your last one.

1. Opium ceremony of Jodhpur

Opium use has been banned in the country, but there is a certain community in Rajasthan that continues to embrace the 1,000-year-old tradition. Despite the ban the authorities turn a blind eye to it, as it is not done as overtly. The partaking of opium is conducted like a ceremony where the Amal Sabha celebrates the bond of friendship and brotherhood.

2. Lathmaar Holi Of Barsana

Barsana is a small town located in the district of Mathura. What put it on our list, is the pre-Holi celebration. According to the folk-tale, Lord Krishna visited Radha’s village and playfully teased her friends. After which, they chased him away with sticks. Keeping up with the tradition, every year, a few days before Holi, the women of Barsana welcome the men of Nandgaon with sticks. As they hurl the sticks at them, the men are supposed to shield themselves.

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3. Red Ant Chutney Of Bastar

The next time you are in Chhattisgarh and ask for extra red chutney, make sure that it is made of the right ingredients. Chapda is a delicacy in Bastar. It is a chutney that is made of red ants. In fact, their eggs are also considered to be a local delicacy. The combination has raised the eyebrows of some top chefs from around the world, so much so, at one time it made it to American chef Gordon Ramsay’s menu as well.

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4. Toy Train Of Darjeeling

Did you know, that the toy train of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways has been accorded the UNESCO world heritage status? The steam engine pulls the mini coaches on a narrow gauge and has been doing so since the 1880s. In order to commute faster, the steam engine has been replaced with diesel engines, but in some parts you can still opt for the experience of the good ol’ train. Moving at a snail’s pace, it cuts through the beautiful mountains of Darjeeling, giving you a panoramic view of the beautiful east!

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5. Utopian Community Of Auroville

Located near Pondicherry, Auroville is a small town that hosts people from over 55 countries and professes a ‘utopian’ way of life. It is a ‘one-of-a-kind experimental community which is in South India that was formed with an ‘aim of obtaining unity and harmony among its habitants. This man-made centre has a large meditation centre, called Matrimandir, that is built from gold plated discs. It is claimed that ‘Auroville is a self-sustaining settlement with no government, no currency and no religion.’

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6. Magnetic Hills In Ladakh

The magnetic hill is located around 30kms from the town of Leh. If you park your car at the drawn spot, and turn of the engine, the car will move upwards. Strange right? Many believe that due to certain properties of the hill, it pulls stationary vehicles; however others feel that the uphill road is actually goes downhill and the surrounding slopes in the area create that view. There is only way to find out whether it’s true or not right?

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7. Haunted Town Of Bhangarh

If you are someone who likes to explore haunted places, then there are one-too-many spots in India that you can explore. However, one of the most interesting spots for us is Bhangarh fort. Located in the Alwar district, this 17th century fort has been touted as one of the most haunted place in India. According to tales, the village was cursed by a tantrik who couldn’t marry the princess. Entry into Bhangarh is restricted during sunrise and sunset, because that’s when people have been witness to paranormal activities in the area. If anyone tries to build a home, it mysteriously collapses and no one in the village was able to bear a child either. So, do you dare?

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8. Tulsi Forests Of Vrindavan

You must have heard about tulsi plants, but have you explored the tulsi forests of Vrindavan? Nidhivan is a tulsi forest in Vrindavan, where, it is believed, that Lord Krishna visits every singly night and has raas leela with the gopis. The gates to this forest shut after the 7PM aarti. Rang Mahal, which is located inside Nidhivan is decorated, the bed is made, milk and beetle leaf is kept there as well. In the morning, it is all scattered. Those who have tried to stay back at Nidhivan at night, have either lost their speech or their mental state has worsened.

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9. Bungee Jumping In Manali

Sign up for the world’s highest bungee jumping in Manali! This jumping spot is also Asia’s highest at 596 feet. In order to make sure that the topography is not disturbed much, it has been assured that the construction will be environment-safe. Also, state-of-the-art techniques have been opted from USA and New Zealand in order to ensure safety of tourists. And if that isn’t enough, you can always do zip lining, para gliding and various other activities in the area that make it an ideal spot for the adventure traveller in you.

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10. Glass Boats Of Andamans

Andaman and Havelock islands are known for their marine life and water sports. As much effort the locals put in showcasing it, they put an equal amount of effort in preserving it as well. And if you are not a water baby, then they have figured out a way for you to explore the corals and marine life without jumping into the water. Enter glass boats! One of the most beautiful coral reefs can be spotted in Jolly Buoy island, hence they are extra careful about its preservation. You floor of the boat is made of glass and you can sit in it and cruise over the crystal clear waters and get a chance to see the marine life!

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So, what are you planning for your next trip?