Now You Can Drop Your Old Clothes And Utensils At These Spots In Mumbai

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    Now you can donate your old clothes or utensils and drop them at a few spots in Mumbai and representatives from Flying Hippies will deliver it to NGOs.

    What Is It?

    Kindness is just a step away. Don’t know what to do with your old clothes and utensils that are in usable condition but of no good to you anymore? You can drop them off to a few spots in the city and representatives from Flying Hippies will pick them up and drop them at the Sneha Sadan NGO in Mumbai.

    You can get in touch with the people at Flying Hippies through their Facebook page or other social media handles to find out the various drop off points around the city.

    You can easily manage to drop off your old clothes, crockery, utensils, table cloths or similar items. Flying Hippies will make sure they are handed to the people at Sneha Sadan NGO safely.

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    Flying Hippies

    About Flying Hippies

    Initially the project was all about volunteers going to people’s homes to pick up the items, but now they have established drop off points where people can drop the items at. Currently, there are pick up points in Andheri East, Malad West and Powai but there will be more coming up soon.

    Along with old clothes and utensils, you can also add bags of groceries or items of daily use like pulses, rice, sugar, salt or biscuits.

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