5 Offbeat Places You MUST Explore In Chikmagalur

by Vinita Jain
5 Offbeat Places You MUST Explore In Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is a city situated in the Malenadu region of Karnataka. It is famous for the lush green coffee plantations, waterfalls, natural beauty, scenic landscapes, and caves. It is apparently a very famous tourist destination and every year it witnesses an ample number of visitors. There are various places to visit like Kuremukh National Park, Hebbe Falls, Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary, coffee plantations, and a lot more. But Chikmagalur also has a few offbeat or unpopular destinations. Visiting such destinations and witnessing the beauty of every place just makes it worth visiting. So, without further ado let’s explore some of the offbeat Chikmagalur destinations.

1. Hirekolale Lake

Surrounded by Western Ghat Hirekolale lake is an offbeat destination in Chikmagalur. The weather of Chikmagalur just adds to the beauty of this serene Hirekolale Lake. A long narrow bridge leads to a small hut where you can relax and cherish the beauty of Hirekolale Lake.

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2. Kelagur Tea estate

Kelagur Tea estate is one of the finest sprawling tea estates in Chikmagalur. This estate uses traditional methods for producing organic tea. It is a known place among tea enthusiasts but doesn’t catch a huge number of visitors. It is one of the oldest tea estates in India. One can go there for a stroll and witness the fresh aroma of tea in this mesmerizing tea estate.

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3. Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum is a unique repertoire of coffee businesses, from bean cultivation to brewing. The museum was built to reconstruct the history of coffee and the thematic presentations of the processes used to make beans, such as picking, grinding, and drying. Isn’t it strange if you visit Chikmagalur and don’t visit the coffee museum, they tend to explain the whole process here.  Tourists prefer visiting coffee estates but if you’re visiting Chikmagalur do consider visiting the Coffee Museum too.

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4. Jerry Falls

Chikmagalur is a treasure for mother nature lovers. Jerry falls is one of the unexplored spots of Chikmagalur. Away from all the socialization is truly a tranquil spot. To reach Jerry Falls you need to trek for 2 km but they are worth it.

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Kodige Falls

Kodige Falls is another unexplored place in Chikmagalur. One can experience extreme calmness and a scenic atmosphere there. The lush green Fall’s surroundings make this place even more serene. Even changing rooms are available, so one can have a natural shower and a jacuzzi bath.

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