Ola Launches In-House Maps; Expects To Save ₹100 Crore Annually After Exiting Google Maps

Ola now has its maps! Isn't it exciting?

by Shreya Ghosh
Ola Launches In-House Maps; Expects To Save ₹100 Crore Annually After Exiting Google Maps

Cab service and transport companies such as Ola hold a significant portion of the market. One of the biggest priorities of these service providers is to offer enhanced amenities and experiences to customers. They often initiate new beginnings to provide the utmost services to riders. This time, Ola launched its in-house map and exited using Google Maps. What was the reason behind this significant decision? What is the company’s future plan regarding this development? Let’s find out.

Ola Decided To Exit Google Maps And Announced Its Maps

Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and chairman of Ola Group, posted on X about the new launch sharing important information.

Ever since the news caught Netizens’ attention, people started having multiple questions about Ola. To solve all confusion at once, Bhavish Aggarwal stated the news of launching Ola Maps. The company will publish a detailed technical blog to learn about the new in-house maps and how they are leveraged by the open-source community.

It was back in May when the CEO announced cutting ties with Microsoft Azure. Following this, the ride-hailing app shifted its operations to Krutrim, its AI firm. It took just a week for the transition after the break from Microsoft Azure. Next, the company took their exit from Google Maps as well. This was indeed a crucial decision and the team worked relentlessly for the shift and saved a massive budget.

The one-of-a-kind shift to Ola Maps is likely to help Ola save ₹100 crores annually, according to a report by Moneycontrol. Bhavish Aggarwal shared how the cab company spent a budget of around ₹100 crores in a year but they succeeded in dragging it down to 0 in a month. The credit for this goes to Ola Maps. He has asked app users to check the Ola app. Also, update it in case it is not updated.

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More About Krutrim AI

Ola Maps
Picture credit- Canva

The concept of Ola’s Krutrim AI seems fascinating, especially after getting to know about its upcoming plans. Two of its biggest highlights will be mapping solutions and cloud services. The brand discussed this during the Krutrim AI launch. Krutim Cloud will come up with interesting product updates.

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Are you excited to use Ola Maps?

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