Oman To Allow Residents To Travel Abroad Under Certain Conditions

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Oman To Allow Residents To Travel Abroad Under Certain Conditions

The Sultanate of Oman will now permit residents to travel abroad. The pandemic had taken a toll on the country, recording 1,389 new cases and 730 recoveries as of 14 July. However, Omani Transport Minister Ahmed Al Futaisi said that the airports are fully equipped to ensure passengers’ safety. The sultanate suspended all international flights from March 29, except repatriation flights. Meanwhile, check out how UAE Is Detecting COVID-19 Cases.

In the recent weeks Oman airports have set up testing programs, prepping to welcome travellers. The testing programs ensure travellers entering and leaving the country are Covid-free. Besides, all residents who wish to travel abroad, must apply with for prior permission with the authorities. In addition, they must also quarantine upon their return.

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While the country has eased travel restrictions to a certain extent, restrictions in Dhofar and Masirah Island continue to remain indefinitely. Omani authorities conducted a 10-week survey which revealed that the increase in cases was mainly du to family gatherings. The authorities have therefore tightened social distancing protocols and other guidance, including wearing a face mask outside.

Oman recorded 59,568 cases and 273 deaths since the outbreak began. On that note, New Zealand Has Been Declared Covid-Free; Zero Cases Recorded.

Oman Lifts Ban On Skype And A Few Internet Calling Services

In the light of the pandemic, Oman has lifted the ban on some of the internet calling tools including Skype for business. This permits Oman residents to access Skype for Business, Google Hangout and Zoom. However, VOIP services like WhatsApp is still banned. The sudden move was made in order to help organizations handle the ‘tough situation’. Meanwhile, UAE Might Be Lifting Its Ban On WhatsApp Voice Calls Soon.

Oman’s telecommunication tweeted the good news- “The government’s interest in facilitating business continuity and communication for government, private and educational sector institutions and due to the exceptional circumstances resulting from the spread of Corona virus (Covid 19), it has been decided to allow the use of some internet communication applications”