UAE To Use Sniffer Dogs To Detect COVID-19 Cases

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE To Use Sniffer Dogs To Detect COVID-19 Cases

The UAE plans to use sniffer dogs to detect Covid cases. Experiments indicated that canines had the ability to quickly detect infected cases. This is because of the dogs’ strong sense of smell. The Ministry has run trials on K9 police dogs who will soon be employed to curb the spread of Covid. Meanwhile, This Japanese Experiment Shows How Quickly COVID-19 Can Spread At Buffet Restaurants. 

What Do The Experiments Reveal?

The experiments revealed that canines had the ability quickly detect infected cases, protect key sites, manage places with large crowds like airports and malls. Samples were taken from the armpits of Covid patients and the dogs were made to sniff them. The procedure was done, ensuring the dogs were not into contact with the infected patients. The results were declared on the spot. On that note, check out these 10 COVID-Free Countries Across The World.

Studies revealed a 92 per cent accuracy in the detection of presumed COVID-19 cases. The field experimentation has also been completed with the help of Federal, Customs, and Health authorities in the UAE.  Experiments were conducted on field volunteers, using two methods. On the flip side, Pets Are Not At Risk Of Getting Sick From Coronavirus: Reveals WHO.

The first method involved the dog’s direct detection work. In the second method, the dog was made to sniff out a sample odour of a suspected case. The Ministry of Interior and its partners have also decided to use dogs in detected diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. The ministry also held several discussions with other countries, in using dogs to detect covid cases.

Singapore Uses ‘Robot Dogs’ To Follow Social Distancing Guidelines In Parks & Gardens

Lately, you might have seen videos of a creepy four-legged thing crawling around in Singapore. The country is now using Boston Dynamics’ four-legged Spot robot to ensure social distancing. The robot makes its way into city parks, politely asking joggers and cyclists to stay apart. Well, although the first encounter might freak you out, this is a nice way to remind people to keep a distance, we think.

The robot is fitted with cameras that will help screen the number of people in the park. However, the robot cannot collect personal data or identify individuals. Spot is remotely controlled but also has built-in sensors to avoid collisions. Furthermore, it is accompanied by a guide. The country is currently running a trial run and if this succeeds, soon Singapore parks will have robots watching over its residents. Using the robot technology will reduce the need for guards to patrol around the park. Further, it will also help combat the spread of Covid-19. Signs have been posted in parks asking visitors not to “disrupt” the robot on its patrols.