On A Spiritual Health Holiday In Rishikesh, Kamiya Jani Took A Wellness Retreat!

by Mallika Khurana
On A Spiritual Health Holiday In Rishikesh, Kamiya Jani Took A Wellness Retreat!

What better way to work on your wellness than to actually consult the experts in the field? Leaving behind all the worries of the world and taking a break for the sake of our health is an essential step. To find such solace and healing, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, took a 3-day trip to Sterling Palm Bliss in Rishikesh.

If you also want to take a break from your busy schedule and engage in some self-reflection, a retreat is exactly what you need. This perfect wellness resort in Rishikesh makes for a great spot to start your journey to spiritual well-being.

Sterling Palm Bliss Offers Wellness In Rishikesh

The vibes at this wellness resort were enough to make a person relax. The ambience of the place can easily get you excited about all that is to come next. Once Kamiya Jani reached the resort, her first step was to visit the doctor, who analysed her physical and emotional issues. Based on the report, they created her 3-day itinerary with activities and therapies focused on relieving all her individual concerns.

Next, it was time for her to start her first day at the resort with her detox drink made with strawberries, oranges, and cinnamon, followed by a yoga session that was specially designed for her. Her day was followed by a massage and a wellness thali that looked like a perfectly balanced meal.

The thali has delectable yet healthy components like toned buttermilk, quinoa rice, green dal, maska roll, ragi roti, beetroot poriyal, tropical fresh fruits, and so much more. Sounds appetising, right?

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A One-Of-A-Kind Wellness Retreat

Sterling Palm Bliss Rishikesh
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The next day of her wellness package at Sterling Palm Bliss included a spiritual walk to explore Rishikesh. On this walk, she explored some classics like Ram Jhula, Lakshman Jhula, and the newly constructed Bajrang Setu. She spent the rest of her time sitting by the river, drinking herbal tea, and making the most of the beauty around her. Her itinerary ended with a yagna, which is believed to be purifying for the body, mind, soul, and environment.

If you’re looking forward to relaxing, cleansing, and restoring your body, this lovely health retreat is for you. Their carefully chosen wellness programs are made to guide you on your path to health and healing.

So, wait no more and plan a health holiday in Rishikesh right away!

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