On June 20, UAE To Witness Earliest Summer Solstice Of 13Hrs & 48 Mins

UAE to experience the longest day of the year.

by Deeplata Garde
On June 20, UAE To Witness Earliest Summer Solstice Of 13Hrs & 48 Mins

Get ready for a stellar celestial event! The UAE is set to experience its earliest summer solstice in recent history, bringing with it the longest day of the year on June 20-22. With daylight stretching out to a whopping 13 hours and 48 minutes, it’s time to bask in the sunshine and soak up those extra rays!

UAE To Witness The Earliest Summer Solstice Yet

This year’s summer solstice is making waves with its early arrival, scheduled for June 20th at 20:51 UTC. It’s a historic moment, marking the earliest solstice since 1796 for many countries worldwide. And guess what? The UAE gets to revel in this celestial extravaganza with an extended day of sunshine, courtesy of Mother Nature.

According to Ibrahim Al Jarwan, the Board Chairman of the Emirates Astronomical Society, and a member of the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy Sciences, during the summer solstice, the sun will be at its zenith, directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer. This means no shadows at noon in areas directly beneath the sun’s glare, including the southern regions of the UAE. It’s the perfect time to embrace the sunshine with open arms!

Hotter Days, Shorter Shadows

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As temperatures soar between 41 and 43 degrees Celsius during the day and hover between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius at night, it’s all about embracing the heat! With dry conditions and lively winds in the forecast, summer days in the UAE are set to be filled with warmth and vitality. And don’t forget about those shorter shadows, making for picture-perfect moments across the Arabian Peninsula.
The summer solstice marks just the beginning of the season’s splendour. From June 21 to August 10, get ready for sun-kissed adventures and balmy evenings as summer unfolds its magic across the UAE. But that’s not all – brace yourself for the second half of summer, from August 11 to the autumnal equinox on September 23. With humidity levels rising and the arrival of moist Kos winds, it’s an exhilarating ride into the heart of summer!

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As the UAE gears up to embrace its earliest summer solstice in centuries, it’s time to revel in the warmth, cherish the sunshine, and make unforgettable memories under the endless summer sky. Let the sunshine in and soak up every moment of this sun-drenched season!

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