Once An Important City In The Silk Route, Sheki In Azerbaijan Is Famous For Its Unique Shebeke Art

Sheki is a historic city that’s located on the foot of the greater Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan.

by Anupriya Mishra

Sheki is a historic city that’s located on the foot of the greater Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan. While it’s divided in two by the Gurjana River, the older northern part is built on the mountain, and the Southern part is spread up to the river valley. With its historic centre, the city is characterised by traditional architectural rows of houses that feature high gabled roofs. And although there are many places to check out in the city, it’s the cultural aspect of the destination that draws in hoards of people. We are talking about Shebeke, which is found in abundance at the Khan’s Palace in Azerbaijan.

The Ancient City Of Sheki Is Famous For Shebeke Art


Pic credits: Canva

For those who aren’t aware, the Khan’s Palace is an ornate building, which was constructed in 1762. With a beautiful rose garden, the beautiful facade is defined by stalactite vaults (read honeycomb vaulting) that feature geometric patterns. Moreover, the interior display here is an example of exquisite craftsmanship, which attracted travellers for centuries. Moreover, there are 5000 wooden and glass details of shebeke in this palace, making it a treat for the eyes.

What Is Shebeke Art?

Sheki Khan's palace

Pic credits: Canva

For those who aren’t aware, it is an intricate craft, which involves the usage of thousands of tiny glass pieces, which are held together in a wooden lattice. The highlight of this art form is that it does not use any glue or even a single nail. So the painstakingly composed art is truly a test of patience! We say this since a square metre of a single coloured glass window can roughly take about an inclusion of 5000 individual pieces. Not to mention, it can take about six months to create the intricate pattern, and it’s done so in such a way that it reflects light.

You Can Also Visit Shebeke Craft House When In The City


Pic credits: Canva

One of the best places to truly witness this art form is the Shebeke Craft House, which is located within the Sheki fortress area. There you can find the master shebeke craftsman busy with his work, creating art pieces that are unlike any other. You can also attend a masterclass and create your own shebeke art piece! However, there are several other artisans working at the workshops and running small production units that are spread across the ancient town. Not to mention, the local indoor craft market is definitely worth checking out, as it features several pretty items that you can purchase here!

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Did you know that this was once an important city on the silk trade route, connecting the West to the East? Yes, located just outside Baku, this cultural site was visited by scores of tradesmen who walked the cobbled streets! And it is believed that by the 19th century, the city was an international centre for silk production.

So, if you have been planning to visit this nation, Sheki in Azerbaijan has to be on your list of places to visit, as it will give you a rare glimpse into the past of this historical city.

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