The One Accessory I Always Travel With!

by Kamiya Jani
The One Accessory I Always Travel With!


The Neck scarves are so much more than just a great outfit completer. Here’s why you should have that something-something tied around your neck or throw it in your handbag!

  1. They keep you warm when its cold outside. You could encounter delays or extreme air conditioning and in these situations your scarf can be used as a blanket.
  2. They block you from mid-day sun. You won’t have to be worried about your skin getting tanned.
  3. Cover your head and shoulders as you enter a place of worship. Many religious places have that policy!
  4. You can also use the scarf as your beach cover up. Tie it around your waist or use it as your head gear.
  5. Wipe your kids dirty face or your phone’s screen that’s full of your finger prints! And of course, to clean your sunglasses!
  6. For those who always like it to sleep in the dark, use it to cover your eyes during your afternoon nap.
  7. And if you are hygiene conscious, use it as a pillow on long bus rides or when you are stuck at the airport could go on and on!
    What’s even better is the fact that its easy to wash in a hotel sink, dry and almost always wrinkle free. Takes zero suitcase space if you have it around your neck on the plane!

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