‘One Nation One Card’- Modi’s New Venture

by Madhusree Chatragadda
‘One Nation One Card’- Modi’s New Venture

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One card for all your payments?! Say hello to the National Common Mobility Card.

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What Is It?

A hassle-free payment method is here with the National Common Mobility Card newly launched by Modi, the announcement for which was made at a rally in Ahmedabad.


So what does this card do? It basically manages all your transactions acting as the singular portal. Withdraw money, shop, buy movie tickets, transportation charges at metro station etc, you can do it all with just this one card.

What’s More?

To get a card issued for yourself, you need to contact your Bank. Currently, 25 Banks are in position to issue these cards.

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The card can be put to use anywhere in the country! What do you think?
Payment woes solved?