One Ticket, Multiple Destinations: Here’s How To Book IRCTC’s Circular Journey Tickets

by Suchismita Pal
One Ticket, Multiple Destinations: Here’s How To Book IRCTC’s Circular Journey Tickets

Need to book multiple train tickets for your next vacation? Now a single ticket can solve the entire purpose. Wondering how? The Circular Journey facility of Indian Railways lets passengers book a single ticket covering up to 8 stoppage points. Only the starting and end points of the journey have to be the same. Read on to know more.

6 Things To Know About Circular Journey Of Indian Railways

  1. The Circular Journey facility of Railways covers two single journeys. The length of each journey is considered to be half of the entire journey.
  2. They are available on all routes except for regular routes.
  3. The ticket covers up to 8 stations/stoppage points.
  4. The start and end stations have to be the same.
  5. The rate of each ticket incorporated within the Circular Journey ticket is telescopic, i.e, for more stations included in your itinerary, the lesser will be the price of each inclusive ticket. Thus, a Circular Journey ticket is cheaper than the total cost of the individual tickets booked separately.
  6. It saves a lot of time.

The facility can come to the aid of passengers travelling for business, pleasure or religious purposes.

Circular Journey

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How To Book A Circular Journey Ticket?

1. Get in touch with the Divisional Commercial Manager or the Division of Station Managers of the principal stations who are in charge of the starting station.

2. The above-mentioned personnel will calculate the total cost of your journey on the basis of your itinerary.

3. Fill up the Circular Journey Tickets form.

4. Submit the form at the Booking Office of the starting station and purchase the ticket. Male senior citizens and female senior citizens can enjoy 40% and 50% concessions on the tickets respectively for a distance of at least 1000 kilometres.

Zonal Railways also offers Standard Circular Journey Tickets and passengers can receive these from the nominated stations in each Zonal Railway. Southern Railways issues only non-standard Circular Journey Tickets.

Circular Journey
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Have more questions on Circular Journey? Visit the official enquiry web page of Indian Railways Passenger Reservation.