Over 1 Million US Passengers Travelled With Air India In 2023; Here’s All You Need To Know

Let's take a look at the number of US passengers who flew with Air India in the last year.

by Shreya Ghosh
Over 1 Million US Passengers Travelled With Air India In 2023; Here’s All You Need To Know

Air India operates thousands of flights with lakhs of passengers connecting domestically and internationally as well. The data of the airline providing services to and from the United States in the past year has been revealed and looks like a huge number of passengers opted for this airline to fly to their destinations comfortably. Let’s take a look at the insights of past year’s data and performances.

More Than A Million US Passengers Flew With Air India

Air India
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Connecting with the United States, the airline carried around 1.11 US passengers. These flyers boarded Air India flights for a period of a year till October 2023, according to a report by Simple Flying. The report is according to the US Department of Transportation T-100 data. The humongous number of flyers travelling with Air India and covering long distances show their trust in the airline.

Among all the airlines operating flights connecting John F. Kennedy International Airport and Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, Air India carried the most passengers. It was also the busiest air network of the airline.

According to the report, around 3,000 US passengers travelled on different routes every day. Considering the overall seats of 1.29 million, the average number of filled seats was 86 out of 100. The number of passengers counted to release this data is on the basis of everyone boarding the flight. It does not exclude flyers who flew on connected flights or only point-to-point between 2 airports.

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The Airline Launched Flights On Different Routes

Air India
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Back in January 2021, Air India began flight services connecting Bengaluru and San Francisco. The frequency of operations was quite few amid all the COVID-19-related travel restrictions back then. The airline continued the services between this route till March 2022. Later, in December 2022, Air India restarted running the flight thrice a week. From the resumption to October 2023, about 66,000 passengers flew with the airline’s flights.

Back in December 2022, it also launched flights to Mumbai from San Francisco. It is known as the second longest non-stop air route network of Air India. The operations on this international route began three times a week. After some time, the frequency shifted to four times a week.

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Have you travelled with Air India before? If yes, how have been your experiences?

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