Overlook The Palm While You Skydive From This Place In Dubai

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Skydive Dubai lets you jump off a plane that goes 120miles per hour at the Palm dropzone and gives you a bird-eye view of the Palm Jumeirah. 

What Is It?

If you have no previous experience but’d still like to skydive, don’t worry, Skydive Dubai lets you experience the thrill with an option of tandem skydive which is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of a freefall. This tandem skydive should be on everybody’s bucketlist as it is done from 13000-feet above sea leveloverlooking the Palm Jumeirah.

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Skydive in Dubai can be done in two different locations. The Tandem skydive at the palm will cost you AED 2199, while it’ll cost you AED 1699 at the Desert Campus. Both tandem skydiving package includes photos and a professional video of your entire experience. 

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Location: Skydive Dubai, Palm Jumeirah
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Dhruv Maniar
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