Pakistan ATC Tells Air India Pilots Taking Stranded Passengers To Europe: ‘We’re Proud Of You!’

by Kanika Sharma
Pakistan ATC Tells Air India Pilots Taking Stranded Passengers To Europe: ‘We’re Proud Of You!’

An Air India flight that was taking stranded foreign passengers from India to Europe, recently received an unexpected praise from the Air Traffic Control in Pakistan. No, we aren’t talking about ill-fated words from the neighbour, but an actual thumbs-up!

What Happened?

Last week, a special Air India flight was taking stranded Indian passengers to Frankfurt. During the journey, the special flight entered the Pakistani airspace. According to reports, the Captain of the flight then received an unexpected but a pleasant message from the country’s Air Traffic Control (ATC).

Image Credits: Times Now

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The message was, ’We are proud of you that in a pandemic situation you are operating flights. Good Luck!’ One of the senior Captains of the special flights that took on the responsibility to ferry the passengers, shared this moment of pride and happiness with media news agencies.

What’s More?

There were two Air India flights that were being operated from Mumbai to Frankfurt. These were part of the special efforts that had been taken by the airline, in order to make sure that those who are stuck are able to get back home.

Picture Credit: Bloomberg Quint

The Captain was further reported as saying, that all the ATC’s that come while flying from Mumbai to Frankfurt, lauded the team for their efforts. That includes, Iran, Turkey and Germany airspaces as well.

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The aviation industry has taken a massive hit because of the Coronavirus. However, they are still trying to make sure that with whatever facilities and bandwidth available, they can help people return to their homes. Not only the passengers, but other countries are all praises for them. We are so proud!