Palak Tiwari Says She’s High In Life, So Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

by Mallika Khurana
Palak Tiwari Says She’s High In Life, So Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

Bollywood often sees new faces portraying the best talents in the movies. However, only a few of those newcomers are able to spread their charm among the audience. One such new actress is Palak Tiwari. Right from her first appearance in the Bijlee Bijlee music video, she left an impression on all of us. After that successful move, she has continued to pave her way in the entertainment industry. Today, we decided to know more about her while exploring Khaugalli in Kandivali, Mahavir Nagar. Watch the complete video to learn all about her.

Palak Tiwari Doesn’t Need Alcohol To Have Fun

As soon as we met her, we were intoxicated by her energetic personality. She immediately took charge of showing us around her neighbourhood and introducing us to all the flavours Khaugalli had to offer. Our first stop was Bottom’s Up, Kandivali. This outlet serves fresh fruit juice shots. While we tried their guava chilli and jamun shots, Palak revealed that she doesn’t drink alcohol.

However, she always pretends to do a real shot when her friends are having one. Given that nobody in her family has ever tried alcohol, she didn’t either. She also pointed out that she is always so high on energy that she hardly needs alcohol as a tool for socialising.

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She Treated Us With Some Amazing Chaat

Palak Tiwari Tere Gully Mein
Photo Credits: Internal

After enjoying these amazing shots, she decided to take us to Shree Ram for some delectable chaat. On the way there, she shared a lot about her relationship with her mother. While everyone would assume Shweta Tiwari to be the coolest mum, Palak revealed that she has some sides to her. While she got a lot of freedom from her mom, there was some strictness involved as well.

When we were finally at the chaat corner, Palak shared that she was a regular at this place during her school days. It was one of her favourite places to hang out with her friends.

It was certainly an exciting episode where we got to know so much about the Bijlee girl. Catch the episode to witness some amazing mimicry skills and the fun that follows.

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