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Palash Sen
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Palash Sen, the lead singer of Euphoria, is well-known to independent music fans. Over the years, his band has produced several hits, including the famous song Maeri. The celebrity joins Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani on this musical episode of Tere Gully Mein. Songs like Dhoom Pichak Dhoom and Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali topped virtually every tracklist in the late 1990s. But do you know the tale behind this iconic song Dhoom Pichak Dhoom? Read more to find out what the singer has shared!

Palash Sen Shares Story Behind Dhoom Pichak Dhoom

Even the videos of Euphoria have a travel story to them. Every song, whether it be Maeri or Dhoom Pichak Dhoom, tells the story of a trip. And the journey of Dhoom Pichak Dhoom started when he got a call from Archies Music. The company saw them in an interview as a new and upcoming band. So Anil Moolchandani, Director of Archies, called him to ask him if he would make an album. So he gave Palash a cheque of 3 lakhs rupees and said, “Itne hi h. I can’t give you more than this. Itne me hi album banao.”

Though an impossible effort, they got the entire album recorded and ready in 11 days. And the last song written on the album is Dhoom Pichak. He shares how he never thought anybody would hear it, but it happened, and everyone loved it. Kamiya shares how Dhoom Pichak Dhoom is still her favourite song, and it brings back her old childhood memory. It is still a song that her friends jam to whenever Kamiya and her friends get together!

Euphoria Celebrates Their 25th Year!

Palash Sen

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Did you know that the heartthrob of every 90s kid, Euphoria, is celebrating their 25th anniversary in the music industry? It has been that long, hasn’t it? And the cherry on top is that Palash Sen shares with Curly Tales how they plan to release one of the biggest songs this year. The celeb told us how much he still enjoys taking on the stage and having a blast in front of a huge crowd. When a fan approaches after a performance and expresses how much one’s music has impacted their lives, it means the world as a performer. Palash Sen is one of the fortunate few who has been given this talent.

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In this exciting conversation with Palash, we talk more about his childhood, college days, music and how he LOVES Delhi. To know more about the musical singer, Watch the video linked above!

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