Panjin’s Red Beach In China Is A Lover’s Paradise

by Akriti Seth
Panjin’s Red Beach In China Is A Lover’s Paradise

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You won’t want to miss China’s Sea of Crimson. The Panjin Red Beach is every lover’s dream come true and one of the most unique habitats in the world.

What Is It?

Panjin Red Beach is a protected nature reserve with uniquely beautiful crimson-colored seep weeds which give the illusion of a red beach.

Okay, first things fist! This is NOT A BEACH. Instead, its the Liaohe River Delta that becomes a reed-covered wetland. It is one of the world’s largest reed march areas.

The Liaohe river isn’t a typical freshwater river and has very high saline content and alkaline levels. This results in the growth of Suaeda or Seablite, which is a kind of a succulent. This plant only grows in the type of habitat found along Liaohe River. The result, of course, is phenomenal. Here’s proof:

Something To Note

The seep weed, Suaeda changes colors with seasons. It is a typical green during the spring and summer months. In the fall, it turns into this deep bright red spread across like the Red Sea.

It shifts to a gorgeous purple in the winter until it eventually dies.

China's Red Beach

How Do I Get There?

This is a state-protected nature reserve including a single space for the public which is a 6500 foot wooden jetty enabling non-invasive views of the lover’s paradise.

To get to Red Beach you need to get to Panjin City first, accessible within China by either train or bus. To fly to Red Beach the nearby airports include Shenyang TaoXian International, Dalian ZhouShuiZi International and JinZhou XiaoLingZi.

There are various options you can chose from to get to the Red Beach. A minibus takes you from Panjin City to Red Beach Resort, from where you can take a tuk-tuk, taxi or minibus to Red Beach area. This might require a bit of bargaining skills and patience on your part but I am guessing it will be worth it.

Photo by HAP/Quirky China News/REX

What Else?

All wildlife enthusiasts, pull up your socks there. The Red Beach is home to over 400 wildlife species along with around 250 species of migratory birds. These birds traverse from East Asia to Australia and if you are lucky enough you might spot the endangered Crown Cranes and Black Beaked Gulls.

Also, Panjin enjoys a reputation of being ‘The land of fish and rice’. So when you’re there please don’t miss to try the local mitten crab which is a delicacy. Do test out the short-grain rice. It is also the designated official rice of 2008 Beijing Winter Olympics.

So when in China, promise me you won’t miss this and lovers, please rejoice.

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