Paris Opens The First Ever Cinema Hotel With 9 Feet Movie Projectors In Every Room

cinema hotel paris
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 476

Paris now houses the world’s first-ever cinema hotel. At Hotel Paradiso, all you can think, feel and watch are movies. Rooms are equipped with projectors and wide screens, and to contact the help desk you need to dial 007. Cuddle with bae and watch romantic movies and relax in the bathtub as you catch up on your favourite film. And this is just the beginning. Built by Elisha and Nathanaël Karmitz, this hotel unites cinephiles to a one-stop destination for non-stop movies and relaxations. Here’s everything you need to know about the tightly named, Hotel Paradiso.

Hotel Paradiso In Paris Has Projects & Screens In Every Room For Movie Lovers

There’s a close relationship between films and hotels. To shoot a film, actors and the crew reside at hotels. And on the other hand, films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, are actually shot in hotels and even feature them. The amicable relationships between hotels and movies are explored at the Parisian Hotel Paradiso. This unique cinema hotel has 36 rooms, each equipped with a screen projector, so you can have your own private theatre. Moreover, this grand hotel pays homage to 1960’s Hollywood. Elisha Karmitz, one of the owners stated “Not only do you have a lot of hotels in the movies, but also in L.A., a lot of movies are being made. You meet in hotels; you produce in hotels.”

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cinema hotel paris

Picture Credits: Hotel Paradiso

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Karaoke Themed Suite & 17-Seat Theatre Await You Here

At Hotel Paradiso guests can choose a film through an iPad. This converts the hotel room into a mini theatre. The hotel rooms have 9 feet tall screen that truly takes you on a filmy journey. And if enjoying a movie on your bed is too mainstream, then you can even take the entertainment to the gorgeous bathtub. Enjoy movies on a PlayStation5 here. Guests can also have fun karaoke sessions in a karaoke themed suite equipped with over 1000 songs. And if you’re old school, then enjoy watching a fun movie in a 17-seat theatre inside the hotel. Hotel Paradiso ensures you enjoy your favourite movies in style with comfy beds, a surround sound system and delicious food to give you company. If you’re a Bollywood fan, then here are 8 Bollywood movies that shall inspire you to travel the world.

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