Parle-G Has A New Face On Their Packet; Netizens Say “On Our Way To Kirana Stores To Buy It”

Parle-G has stunned Netizens with their new Instagram post which featured new face on their biscuit packet.

by Shreya Rathod
Parle-G Has A New Face On Their Packet; Netizens Say “On Our Way To Kirana Stores To Buy It”

For most of us, Parle-G holds amazing memories and it was what we gorged on as kids. And more than the biscuit, it was the iconic Parle-G girl, their mascot! However, they recently left Internet users stunned after they switched the Parle-G girl with an influencer!

Parle-G Switched Their Girl Mascot With An Influencer!


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A post shared by Zervaan J Bunshah (@bunshah)

The internet was surprised when biscuit company Parle uploaded a post that showed an influencer’s face on the packet’s cover rather than the well-known Parle-G girl. The humorous message was a reaction to the widely shared video by content producer Zervaan J Bunshah in which he posed a hilarious question to his followers.

In the video, he asked if you meet the owner of Parle-G, what you call him. Whether you call him Parle sir, Mr Parle, or Parle G. The song ‘Ae Jee Oo Jee’ from Anil Kapoor’s film ‘Ram Lakhan’ plays in the background as the clip shows Mr Bunshan sitting in a car, looking perplexed. Three days after it was posted, the video went viral and received amusing comments from Instagram users.

Parle-G saw the video as well, and the biscuit maker joined in the fun with a clever remark. You can refer to them as the OG, Bunshah ji, Parle-G commented. Following that, Parle-G replaced the famous girl on the cookie wrapper with a smiling picture of Mr. Bunshah.

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Netizens Are Simply Amazed


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A post shared by Parle-G (@officialparleg)

In the post, they wrote that while he figures out what to call them, he can call them his favourite biscuit to enjoy with a cup of chai. The influencer replied to this sweet post stating that Parle-G will always be his nourishment growing up. Also, he ate biscuits thinking that he would become smarter.

Netizens were amazed with this new creation and were running to their grocery stores to buy it. A user commented that she will be only buying this biscuit henceforth. Another user wrote, “I told you @bunshah. You are talented G”

One of the users stated that the influencer has a Midas touch. Another one stated that the kid has finally grown to be an influencer.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Parle-G/ Instagram

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