“Passenger Not Real” Woman On American Airlines Identified As Texas Marketing Executive, Lives In A $2 Million House

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
“Passenger Not Real” Woman On American Airlines Identified As Texas Marketing Executive, Lives In A $2 Million House

Passengers causing disturbances on the flight seem to be very common these days. People who are active on social media must have surely come across a video from American Airlines that features a distressed woman. The video that went viral on social media featured a woman who claimed that the passenger sitting next to her was not a real person. This woman has been identified as a marketing executive from Texas. 

“Passenger Not Real” Woman On American Airlines Identified

The passenger who was seen in a viral video on an American Airlines flight screaming out over a passenger who she oddly believed was “not real” has been identified as a Texas marketing executive. 

Dallas resident Tiffany Gomas told police that the outburst followed a dispute over wireless headphones. After the incident, she was asked to exit the aircraft, which caused other passengers to be delayed for several hours. 

Tiffany appeared to be afraid, but she refused to get off the plane, according to the New York Post. Staff had to take her away.

Tiffany held the position of vice president of Elevate Brand Marketing, and a trade newspaper even dubbed her a “rising star” in 2017. She resides in a Lakewood neighborhood home worth $2 million.

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Transported To Other Section 

According to the police, Tiffany lost her cool over family members she was traveling with, and that is what caused the altercation. She charged that they had taken her AirPods.

The passengers on Flight 1009 of American Airlines from Fort Worth to Orlando had to disembark due to Tiffany’s complaints. They had to go through security screening once more as a precaution.

Tiffany was transported to the airport’s non-secure section, but the documents claim that she repeatedly attempted to return to the boarding area. She was discovered waiting for an Uber by police after they followed her to the terminal curb. She declined to acknowledge receiving a criminal trespass notice and to present identification to the authorities. (A per Hindustan Times)

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