Passenger Slams Air India For Delayed Bengaluru-Pune Flight & Dirty Seats; Airline Responds

The passenger ranted about facing miserable experiences while flying with Air India.

by Shreya Ghosh
Passenger Slams Air India For Delayed Bengaluru-Pune Flight & Dirty Seats; Airline Responds

There are multiple advantages of travelling on a flight. Though the journeys cost a bomb and often burn a hole in our pockets, most passengers get to enjoy the best travel experiences. However, flyers sometimes face inconveniences for airlines’ poor services. From flight cancellations to bad-quality food to stained seats, these are just a few of the troubles many come across at times. Recently, an Air India passenger ranted how a flight from Bengaluru to Pune was delayed and he had to sit on dirty seats.

Man Slammed Air India For A Late Pune-Bound Flight From Bengaluru

Aditya Kondawar took to the X platform to share about problems that he faced on this journey to Pune.

The passenger started ranting about his experiences mentioning how he would never travel with Air India Express or Air India again. “Never and I mean it with seriousness”, he added. He is willing to pay 100 per cent additional cost, fly with other punctual airlines, or even take a bullock cart, but not travel with the Tata group-owned airlines.

Aditya Kondawar was flying to Pune from Bengaluru. Flight IX 974 was scheduled to depart from the Bengaluru airport at 9:50 PM. However, a major delay caused the plane to take off around 12:15 to 12:20 AM. Unfortunately, this was not the end of his and other onboard passengers’ miseries. The aircraft was stinking. Its seats were stained and dirty.

Calling the flying experience a ‘disaster’, he shared that he has immense respect for the Tata Group and their leaders and also expects perfection from them.

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Airline Replied To The Passenger’s Complaint

Air India Express responded to Aditya Kondawar’s X post and apologised for all the inconveniences he had to suffer because of a disruption in the flight schedule. The airline stated that the reasons causing the flight delay were beyond their control.

Aditya further replied that the airline will lose customers if Air India and Air India Express continue to provide such services. Pointing out the cleanliness issues, he also added that the flight’s hygiene was worse than a Mumbai local train.

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Have you travelled with Air India before? If yes, have you had similar experiences?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, X/ Aditya Kondawar (@aditya_kondawar)

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