Passenger Finds Metal Blade In Air India Meal; Netizens Shocked, Call It A ‘Cutting-Edge Dining Experience’

His social media post has sparked concerns over airline food safety and quality control.

by Mallika Khurana
Passenger Finds Metal Blade In Air India Meal; Netizens Shocked, Call It A ‘Cutting-Edge Dining Experience’

A disturbing incident has surfaced involving Air India, as passenger Mathures Paul discovered a metal blade in his in-flight meal during a journey from Bengaluru to San Francisco. Mr. Paul, a journalist, took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to share his unsettling experience aboard Air India flight AI 175.

Air India Passenger’s In-Flight Meal Includes Metal Blade

According to Mr. Paul’s account, he encountered a foreign object while consuming his in-flight meal of roasted sweet potato and fig chaat. The journalist initially felt something unusual in his mouth, which turned out to be a metal blade upon inspection. Fortunately, he suffered no harm, but expressed concern over the potential danger, particularly if such an incident had involved a child.

In his post, Mr. Paul remarked, “Air India food can cut like a knife. Hiding in its roasted sweet potato and fig chaat was a metal piece that looked like a blade. I got a feel of it only after chewing the grub for a few seconds. Thankfully, no harm was done. Of course, the blame squarely lies with Air India’s catering service but the incident doesn’t help the image I have of Air India. What if the metal piece was in the food served to a child?”

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Netizens Reacted To The Shocking Incident

Air India responded promptly to Mr. Paul’s tweet, expressing regret over the incident and promising to investigate the matter thoroughly. Their official statement read, “Dear Mr. Paul, we are sorry to know about this. This does not represent the level of service we aim to provide to our passengers. Please DM us your booking details along with your seat number. We’ll ensure this matter is promptly reviewed and addressed.”

The incident sparked a flurry of reactions on X, with many users expressing concern for Mr. Paul’s well-being and making light-hearted remarks about the unexpected “cutting edge” dining experience provided by Air India. Some users, however, criticised the airline’s overall service quality, citing past negative experiences and calling for improvements. Take a look at some of the comments yourself:

This incident highlights concerns over airline food safety and quality control measures, prompting further scrutiny of Air India’s catering services.

Cover Image Courtesy: Mathures Paul/X and Wikimedia Commons